Even at times when you perceive something as perfect,
it is merely in waiting to get even better.

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  • Reference Tone Arm

    8th February 2013

    If you love music, you may agree that vinyl records give the most rewarding and enjoyable musical experience. Despite the rise of CD and digital downloads, vinyl has never gone away. And the astonishing truth about vinyl records is that… Read More

  • Last Night a Cable Changed My Life

    7th February 2012

    “Touraj rearranged my notions of how to get the best results out of computer audio….He put a mini jack to RCA cable between my iMac and pre-amp and almost freaked me out. Why, because this simple approach sounded better than… Read More


  • ...Vertere has retained the upper hand with DD and if you want to hear the potential of computer audio this link is fundamental
    5 Star | Hi Fi Choice | March 2013
  • This is perhaps the single most important cable Hi-Fi Plus has ever reviewed. D-Fi is not so only a cable - it's a generational gateway.
    Hi-Fi + | Issue 93
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