Customer Reviews

“…think you are transforming my system with those transparent strings and actually look quite cool…
…Also it’s about time you should come and have a listen to what you have done….thanks”

Mr. 'X', Singapore About their system

“This has been my best upgrade and has had the greatest impact to my music enjoyment. The endless search for the best cables combination stopped right here for me. Who says Naim system can’t be improved other than using the stock cables? It’s a match made in heaven. For those in doubt, all that is required is to try out and you will be convinced when the first note hits you. Enjoy the music.”

Mr. K C N, Singapore About their system

“The Roksan TMS 3 is a world class turntable. The Pulse Artemiz internal wiring and phono to pre-amp takes it to another level. The Pulse Tone Arm cable is the icing on the cake. It takes levels of detail and dynamics to a greater level. The complete package provides a highly capable turntable that takes musical enjoyment to a new high.”

Mr. N Ball, England About their system
Mr. 'Z', Singapore About their system
Mr. 'B', England About their system
Mr. 'Y', Singapore About their system

“In my opinion they (Pulse Cables) produce a very honest and musical sound that is the icing on top of my cake!”

‘Just thought I would update you on the effect that the use of the Pulse cables are having on my system….I said something like these cables were the icing on my musical cake but, having received your Pulse-X speaker cables I am now the cat who has got the cream….After the improvements brought by the interconnects etc, I was confident the Pulse-X would bring further benefits…I was not prepared for the huge sound emitting from the speakers….I never thought cables would become an important part of my system but the various Pulses are now at the “heart” of my system…..The last time I experienced an improvement like this was when I upgraded my amplifier and that cost a lot more money than these cables.”


Mr. A McEwan, Scotland About their system

“All the cables I have had over the past 30 years, including high-end leading brands at high cost, just add their own character, whereas the PulseB just lets the music flow through as if I was sitting in front of a live music performance.”…

‘I have now fitted Pulse Tonearm cable to my Rega RB250 with astounding results. I would have had to pay hundreds more for another tonearm to achieve this high quality performance. The whole experience has lifted my vinyl to a new level. I now look forward to some Pulse-X speaker cables in near future.”


Mr. P Hargreaves, Turkey About their system

“Originally had a separate audio and video system, neither really grabbed me. Combining the two left me equally unimpressed but functional. Then I came across Pulse in a friends hi fi system which sounded amazing. When I found out they also did cables for my Naim kit I had to try one. First replaced the Nap 200 cable which fed my PMC’s…..nothing short of unbelievable, movies became incredible fun the actors dialogue is so easy to follow over big sound effects and sound tracks. From there I “Pulsed” everything I could.  Even my music is enjoyable and now reburned in AIFF (WAV). Now I am totally grabbed. Vertere are you planning to make a popcorn machine?”

Mr. 'W', England About their system
Mr. 'P', Singapore About their system
Miss. 'M', England About their system
Mr. 'J', England About their system

“Altogether another level beyond what was already a very excellent and satisfying one. This must be another ‘proof’ of the principles of evolution!”

Mr. G M, Switzerland About their system

“The transformation of these systems using the Pulse & PulseB even the DC lead was definitely the most worthwhile upgrade at any price!”

K1audio, Canada About their system

“The listening experience is sublime with the insertion of Pulse and without it the system clearly suffers in every aspect of sound. The word is addictive and buyer really should beware because this one is the forbidden fruit.”

True Stereo, United Kingdom About their system
Mr. G S, Australia About their system
Mr. 'S', Switzerland About their system
Mr. 'B', Switzerland About their system

“I am a 56 years old audiophile from Brazil and I started to be a serious music listener from the age of 16. In my 40 years as an audiophile I have listened and I had a lot of audio equipment, American, European and Japanese. Now my system (approx. US$ 290,000) comprises; Japanese transport and D/A converter, Danish preamplifier, mono blocks power amplifiers and speakers and English turntable, tonearm, cartridge and phono stage…With this audio system I was using Dutch interconnects and speaker cables very expensive and famous worldwide. Your distributor suggested that I should use Vertere Pulse cables, so I decided to give them a try and listening to the Pulse Cables I had an epiphany.

Pulse cables are unbelievable, it is almost as if you removed a veil from the front of the speakers, the Pulse cables portray a sound stage with real 3 dimensions in front of you. You feel like you can almost touch the singer, the level of detail, dynamics … everything is first class without ‘first class price’. Pulse cables slaughtered very hard my extremely expensive Dutch cables!”

“So let me say: I don´t know how you got it, but you got it! Congratulations to you and to Vertere Acoustics, you and your company are making dreams to come true, now it is possible to have first class audio cables with no nonsense prices…”

Mr. G Farias, Brazil About their system

Media Reviews

  • "Good turntables make you play more records, really good turntables make you delve deeper into your record collection, but exceptional ones make you rush out and buy more records. That is precisely what the Vertere RG-1/SG-1 combination does. You listen, you look at your record collection, and say to yourself "it's not enough"."

    Hi-Fi+ August 2014 -114

    Vertere RG-1 Turntable: Clearly Better

    Alan Sircom

    “With so many super-decks, the performance fails to shine until the rest of the system is at a similar level. Often they sound ponderous until the rest of the system catches up. That’s not the case here, and that makes the Vertere truly world class.”

    “This is a turntable that’s all about the energy and exurberance of the music. This could be easily dismissed as being excitable or forward, but it’s nothing of the sort. Instead, this turntable presents the leading and trailing edges of the music with an accuracy that few other source components can match, whether analogue or digital.”

    “I’m going to stick my neck out here. I think there’s a sweet spot in turntable design now. And Vertere is right smack in the middle of that sweet spot”

    “There’s something so very right about the Vertere RG-1 turntable with the SG-1 arm that makes me wonder how the hell I’m going to afford this combination. And that leads to a very dark place, because it makes me wonder about the Reference arm, too….”

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  • "In this fast moving field Vertere has retained the upper hand with DD and if you want to hear the potential of computer audio this link is fundamental"

    Verdict | 5 Star

    Hi Fi Choice | March 2013

    Vertere Pulse D-Fi DD USB Cable

    Jason Kennedy

    “Vertere so far it has produced a range of cables, but there is a tonearm in the offing so it’s not safe to call it a cable company. Its ethos is to advance the state of the audio art and that’s why this USB cable came about.”

    “Last year Vertere produced its first D-Fi USB cable, and at that time it was the best I had heard, but now Touraj has found a way of bettering it. Rather than using one of the strands within the multicored D-Fi conductor to carry the five volt power from USB to output, DD (Double D-Fi) has an extra conductor for this potential noise source. It’s an approach found in other USB cables, but when combined with the already remarkable capabilities of D-Fi it puts this slinky silver connector in a league of its own”

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  • "This is perhaps the single most important cable Hi-Fi Plus has ever reviewed. That's a pretty bold statement, but it's true, because the D-Fi is not so only a cable - it's a generational gateway."

    Hi Fi+ Issue 93

    Vertere Cables D-Fi Minijack-Phono cable

    Alan Sircom

    “Rather than go the normal route of plugging to the 30-pin iPod connector, Vertere chose to go for the headphone output. This is not simply to avoid Apple licenses. Vertere’s founder Touraj Moghaddam believes the performance through the headphone output is better than most people expect. It also means the D-Fi doesn’t become pointless if someone pitches up with another brand of phone and didn’t become out of date when Apple changed its connector”

    “The iPod through the D-Fi proved itself a perhaps unsurprisingly up-beat and natural performer, both detailed enough to pass muster with all bar the snootiest of audiophiles and entertaining enough to keep the beat-hounds tapping their foot along. What I expected was a clean and tidy sound, but what I didn’t expect was that deep and boppy bass that comes with it.”

    “…I intended a few hours of listening, and giving the cable a few tracks. I didn’t expect to listen to whole albums at a stretch. I certainly didn’t expect to use it with my laptop’s headphone output, and use it in place of the normal USB DAC arrangement without ever once finding fault with the sound”

    “…there is nothing wrong with in-pocket sources, provided they are given the right care and feeding. Which is precisely where D-Fi fits in.”

    “…Highly Recommended? This goes far beyond that – you’ll be surprised at how good an iPod can sound, and if Vertere makes iPod sound this good, I can’t wait to see what it does with interconnects and speaker cables…”

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  • "..So much so that a hyper-clean, super-neutral Vertere USB cable is a worthwhile upgrade for better sound transfer."

    Stuff Magazine | March 2013
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  • "Why Vertere, then? Well, its prices are high but not stupid, and I like the cut of the company founder, Touraj Moghaddam's jib. He's an engineering graduate from Imperial College, London, with vast experience in audio and a passion for cables that's clearly genuine. His products look really cool, too."

    Financial Times | How to Spend It Christmas Edition

    Vertere Cables

    Jonathan Margolis

    …”even though all a cable has to do is be super-conductive and transmit an audio signal faithfully from amplifier to speaker, there are degrees of effectiveness in that, and it’s my considered (if subjective) opinion that there is a percentage gain to be achieved with quality ones. You may be the only one to hear the extra closeness to perfection that you perceive (which makes it sound quite dodgy and nebulous), but you will truly hear it.”

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  • "The Pulse D-Fi is the best-sounding USB cable we've heard so far. Cables don't change music, but the best ones allow purity of transmission and that's the Pulse all over."

    "A top-level, must-audition cable"

    Verdict | 5 Star

    What Hi Fi? November 2012

    ….”It also demonstrates amazing control with good organisation, tidy presentation, and impeccable timing.”

    …”the Pulse D-Fi wins on every level.”

    What Hi Fi Review | D-Fi USB 2.0

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  • “I’ve been using D-Fi USB for some time now...

    in every case it has delivered a faster, more dynamic sound.”

    Verdict | 5 Star

    Hi-Fi Choice | August 2012

    Vertere D-Fi USB Cable

    Jason Kennedy

    ….”put on a decent recording and the power and authority of the bottom end is a glory to behold.”….”the way each note is there and gone in an instant. This lack of overhang gives the sound an immediacy that’s addictive.”….”high end results at a great price.”

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  • ...." I tried the mini-jack to RCA phono cable between both an iPod and an Apple Mac and a variety of amplifiers and was frankly startled by the many key respects, the D-Fi outperforms affordable USB cable and DAC combos...."

    Verdict | 5 Star

    Hi-Fi Choice | May 2012

    Vertere Acoustics D-Fi Cable

    Jason Kennedy

    ….” I tried the mini-jack to RCA phono cable between both an iPod and an Apple Mac and a variety of amplifiers and was frankly startled by the results….in many key respects, the D-Fi outperforms affordable USB cable and DAC combos….”

    ….”Even in the context of a very revealing system I found myself getting involved with the music and cranking it to full effect…”

    ….”This new Vertere cable shows you can achieve a remarkably good result with an iPod or computer without going to the expense of a USB DAC….”

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  • ...."Fine performers with everything … budget systems based around Marantz 6004 kit (around £310 a pop) … Burmester's £50k 077/911 MkIII monobloc … Naim's CDS3 and NDX streamer (with 555PS outboard power supplies) and ATC SCM 50 speakers"...

    What Hi-Fi? | May 2012

    Vertere Pulse B | Vertere Pulse X

    ….”Fine performers with everything We used them over a number of months, trying them with everything from budget systems based around Marantz 6004 kit (around £310 a pop) up to some tasty set-ups including the likes of Burmester’s £50k  077/911 MkIII monobloc combination, Naim’s CDS3 and NDX streamer (with 555PS outboard power supplies) and ATC SCM 50 speakers. The cables sonic signature remained truly consistent throughout”….

    ….”In every system we tried, their effect is the same. The leading edges of notes are as sharply defined as you like, and pack a mighty punch when the music demands. More than that, the sound delivered is timed immaculately”….

    ….”Preserves the energy and dynamic integrity of the signal better than any alternative we’ve heard”….

    What Hi Fi Review | Pulse-B

    What Hi Fi Review | Pulse-X

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  • ...."The very thin cable is perhaps a limiting factor, as performance was significantly improved when I substituted a prototype Vertere Pulse lead."....

    Hi-Fi Critic | Jan-Mar 2012

    Short Reviews

    Paul Messenger tries B&W’s P5 first ever headphones

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  • ...."The biggest surprise came when I substituted the regular Naim cable used between the power supply of my NAC552 pre-amp and the NAP500 power amp....The initial move to Pulse B brought an immediate and obvious improvement over the standard cable"....

    Hi-Fi Critic | Jan-Mar 2012

    Subjective Sounds

    Paul Messenger

    ….”The biggest surprise came when I substituted the regular Naim cable used between the power supply of my NAC552 pre-amp and the NAP500 power amp. This cable doesn’t often get substituted because it has a 4-pin DIN at one end and an XLR at the other….The initial move to Pulse B brought an immediate and obvious improvement over the standard cable, making one conscious of the substantial extra coherent detail like instrumental textures, and helping make one aware of more individual strands and even individual performers in the music. It was impossible to avoid thinking: “Why didn’t I try something like this years ago?”….”

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  • "Touraj put an early sample of a mini-jack to RCA phono cable between my iMac and preamplifier and almost freaked me out. Why, because this simple approach sounded better than many of the USB DACs I have tried with the same computer...."

    Jason Kennedy, The Ear

    Yesterday, a visit from the man who designed the Xerxes turntable among many Roksan products rearranged my notions of how to get the best results out of computer audio. Touraj Moghaddam now runs Vertere where he develops and manufactures cables of ever greater variety. Yesterday he put an early sample of a mini-jack to RCA phono cable in between my iMac and preamplifier and almost freaked me out. Why, because this simple approach sounded better than many of the USB DACs I have tried with the same computer, even where an ‘audiophile’ USB cable has been employed. Clearly the headphone output of the iMac isn’t that bad.

    Touraj has developed this cable specifically so that newcomers to the sound appreciation game can get a taste of the possible benefits without it costing an arm and a leg. His theory being that if regular folk can hear a big enough improvement with a connection that costs around £50 then they will start to discover that there is more to hear and enjoy in their music than they thought. He plans to put a computer based system together at the forthcoming Bristol Sound & Vision show using a budget amp and speakers hooked up with Vertere cables, in the hope that the sound-dock generation will grasp that what they are listening to is doing a disservice to the music they love. If the sound I got was anything to go by he should be able to put a system together that will annihilate a Wave radio or Zeppelin for almost the same money.

    I am all for getting more people into sonic appreciation. Music can sound so much better than many people appreciate that it’s not real. And the irony is that with computers and even iPods so many people have a source that can produce remarkable results if they are connected to a half decent system with decent cable.

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  • "Listening with a pair of Pulse-B interconnects....I was instantly convinced."

    Steve Harris, Hi-Fi News

    “Listening with a pair of Pulse-B interconnects….I was instantly convinced.”

    “They just seemed to get out of the way, letting me hear effortlessly what was going on in the system.”

    “All I can say is that this one works”

    “Could it be that sometimes, it’s still the designer of the main components who has the best idea of how to connect them all together?”

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  • "The sound leaped out of the speakers and took up the entire wall behind..."

    Jason Kennedy, The Audio Beat

    “Touraj’s (Moghaddam) current system maintains that quality with an uncanny level of vitality and temporal coherence. The track “Fit” from Cornelius’s Sensuous LP [Everloving 016] is a metronomic workout that usually sounds very percussive but rarely displays the scale and dynamics that Touraj’s system managed to extract. The sound leaped out of the speakers and took up the entire wall behind in a precise and three-dimensional fashion that was full of life.”

    “I managed to borrow a run of balanced Pulse-B interconnects and tried them at home. The results through a completely different, actively powered system delivered the same coherence and increased engagement. Each musician was easy to follow and seemed to be playing more precisely. The overall result was an improved sense of timing.”

    “There is now also a Pulse-X speaker cable… What I heard was the difference between a handmade prototype of the Pulse-X and the finished article, the latter delivering coherence and vivacity along with added focus and seemingly increased separation between channels.”

    “I don’t go in for cables in a big way — they usually don’t do anything that a tone control can’t — but Touraj’s approach is clearly unique. If the two systems I’ve heard these cables in are any indication, the Pulse-B and Pulse-X live up to Touraj’s professed goal of working no matter the ancillary equipment.”

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